About Us

Hyndman & Hyndman is an architectural and interior design firm specializing in master planning and architecture for a variety of project types and budgets. We have been in business since 1987 and have remained committed to achieving artistry in architecture with a focus on harmonizing structures with the environment. We approach every project with a blank canvas and work with the client to put form to their vision. There is no prescribed style to our work since each of our projects evolves from the collaborative design experience unique to each project.

Hyndman & Hyndman provides a high quality of service starting with active partner involvement in all phases of the project. This involvement assures consistency as the project moves from the initial concepts through the various planning, design, and documentation phases and ultimately through construction. We have a good working knowledge of the construction market and have always been able to get the most quality from every budget dollar. Understanding the exposure in competitive bidding, we have developed contract documents that are very thorough so that our bids are on target and budgets hold through completion of construction. Our attention to detail has allowed us to successfully execute very intricate buildings while still yielding change order rates that are significantly lower than industry standards.