Sustainability Design

Attention to sustainability in design is key to our philosophy which begins at the site planning stage. We are actively involved in the grading design on our projects with the goal of maintaining native grades and blending our projects with the environment rather than grading flat pads that do not look natural. When designing buildings we work to incorporate natural features such as solar energy, natural ventilation, and daylight to the fullest extent possible. We have LEED accredited professionals on staff and can also provide LEED certified designs as well.

Furnishings Design


If requested, Hyndman & Hyndman can provide custom furnishings designs to compliment our building designs. We begin the process with programming the design goals for each piece with the client and follow up with multiple design alternatives. We prepare 3D renderings illustrating the alternatives and once selected, we prepare construction drawings of the final design. We can also source artists and vendors to construct the furnishing pieces working with a network of craftsmen and artists we have worked with over the years.



We provide models and computer renderings for our project designs beginning early in the schematic design phase. Both physical models and renderings are essential to our client's abilities to seek funding and stakeholder buy-in on their projects. We can provide models showing real finishes and landscape materials or more conceptual models in all white. Our 3D renderings allow our clients to see any portion of their project from multiple views which aids in the understanding and dialogue during the design phases.

Management and Philosophy

Management Systems

Our management structure begins with Principal involvement at every phase of the project. We utilize our staff to support the principals in areas that the staff can bring the most value to the project. Many of our employees have been with the firm for over 10 years. In that time period we have learned to work together well and where the strengths of the various individuals lies. We staff our projects to provide the maximum value to our clients based on the particular skills needed at each phase of the project. Our office is an open studio environment where everyone is aware of the work being done by others and communication is abundant. This results in a cohesive result with well-coordinated plans and dynamic presentation materials.

Scheduling Capabilities

Having extensive experience in all phases of facility development, Hyndman & Hyndman is well versed at schedule predictions. We have processed projects with Coastal Development Permits, Conditional Use Permits, Planned Development Permits, Environmental Impact Reports, General Plan Amendments, and Army Corps of Engineers' Permits all with a wide variety of environmental challenges. We are conversant on all phases of project delivery and can provide accurate schedule predictions for our projects.

Cost Estimating Capabilities

We develop detailed cost estimates for our projects with the basis of costs coming from recent bid results, Means estimating cost data, updates on market fluctuations from Engineering News Record Magazine, and collaboration with general contractors.